Heavenly Journey



“‘Heavenly Journey’, by definition, would be a trip more enjoyable than words can express. That is what we are waiting for on that glorious day when we shall go to meet our savior Jesus Christ.

Until then, we at least hope we can give others a pleasant journey, a journey to meet the Holy Spirit with music as their guide and stimulus. We consider ourselves to be not only ministering to our listeners, but to be encouraging them in their own journey with Jesus.”

Heavenly Journey presents a wide variety of southern Gospel styles, from the traditional hand-clapping and foot patting music from the '60s to a blend of today's ballads and the exciting fast-paced songs. It doesn't matter if you like them slow or fast, you're gonna get it all when you hear Heavenly Journey. So when you come to one of Heavenly Journey's concerts, sit back and get ready for southern 'fried' gospel.

The members of Heavenly Journey include founder/manager Tim Hendricks, Karen Hendricks, and Patrick Hendricks. The sound man for the group is Jonathan Hendricks.

Heavenly Journey is a member of the Southern Gospel Music Association of Mississippi and has participated in many prestigious events. They also are the hosts of The Mississippi Gospel Jubilee, held the second weekend every June in Pearl, Mississippi.  They have appeared live on cable network television and been featured on Cedar Valley Network on the internet.

Heavenly Journey is now accepting bookings anywhere God leads us.  If you would like to book Heavenly Journey, please use the “booking request” button at the top of the page.