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Tim HendricksTim Hendricks, founder/owner/manager of Heavenly Journey, sings lead and harmony. His background in music extends back to his teenage years when he became one of the youngest square dance callers in the state. He called square dancing for 18 years before deciding it was time to move on. He is a licensed minister but is currently heeding God’s call to minister in other directions.

Tim also owns Thunder Cave Productions, a live sound reproduction and production company. Thunder Cave has been responsible for sounding numerous events in the Mississippi area, including Gospel and secular events, and recording albums for Heavenly Journey and other music ministries. TCP is the producer for The Mississippi Gospel Jubilee, an annual Gospel music event now being held in Pearl, Mississippi at Trinity Baptist Church.


Karen HendricksKaren Hendricks, co-founder, usually sings harmony. God has given her a wide vocal range, which helps in finding both high and low harmonies. She and Tim have been married for over thirty years and have three sons, two of whom are active in this ministry. She is also active in the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band playing flute. She loves music and, since retiring, now devotes her time to the Gospel music ministry full-time.


Patrick HendricksPatrick Hendricks sings bass with Heavenly Journey. He began his gospel singing career at the tender age of 17 when Heavenly Journey was first formed. Now in his late-20’s, he is already one of the cleanest sounding Southern Gospel bass singers in the state. Patrick is also a member of the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band, and Mississippi Swing. He is a talented trombone player and plays both tenor and bass trombone. Patrick is also the founder and director of the Jubilee All-Star Quartet, which appears at the Mississippi Gospel Jubilee.


Jonathan HendricksJonathan Hendricks, aka “The Great and Powerful Oz”, works sound for Heavenly Journey. He joined the group in 2006 relieving his dad of these responsibilities. Since then, he has become one of the most respected soundmen in the state. He has received international acclaim for his skills through Cedar Valley Network. He is also the official sound engineer for the Mississippi Gospel Jubilee and takes care of all the various needs of the numerous artists.